5 Important Explanations Why and When Mouthguards are Necessary

5 Important Explanations Why and When Mouthguards are Necessary

Sep 01, 2022

Whether you or your child engage in rigorous sports, you must consider safety and injury protection. Mouth guards are suitable for shielding the mouth during sports. Additionally, night guards are custom-made to protect your teeth against clenching. Our dentist in Tampa, FL, recommends wearing mouthguards to protect your teeth against injuries.

What’s the Role of Mouth Guards?

A mouth guard primarily safeguards your teeth from clenching and knock-outs and reduces the risk of law joint and mouth injuries and concussion. Unintended collision while engaging in rigorous sporting activity may require emergency treatment. Our dentist in Tampa, FL, recommends mouth guards to shield your dental against dental trauma that can lead to tooth loss, and excessive bleeding, among other implications. In addition, mouth guards protect you from undergoing extensive dental procedures. Failure to wear mouthguards may heighten the risk of unprecedented dental emergencies.

Types of Mouth Guards

Our cosmetic dentist at Tampa may provide you with personalized mouthguards based on your needs, and below are several types of mouthguards:

1. Boil and Bite Guards

these are used in sports and perfectly fit your dental. They are made from a thermoplastic material placed in hot water to soften before being put on your dental. The mouthguards are easily shaped to fit your teeth perfectly.

2. Custom-fitted Mouthguards

These are personalized by the dentist. They are designed in the lab using your dental impressions. Then, your specialist molds them to fit your dental and serve all your dental needs. They are comfortable to wear and are friendly to your oral tissues. It’s recommendable to wear custom-made mouthguards to prevent traumatic injuries to your mouth tissues.

3. Stock Mouthguards

These are OTC available, and unlike boil and bite protectors, they can’t be adjusted to fit your dental.

It’s crucial to select the right mouthguards for your teeth to ensure you are fully protected from any mouth trauma. Our cosmetic dentist in Tampa can help you choose the ideal mouthguards.

Compelling Reasons Why You Require Mouthguards

Here are some reasons why our cosmetic dentist in Tampa recommends you wear a mouth guard:

1. Protection Against Knocked-Out Teeth

One of the most painful experiences for you and your child is a traumatic mouth injury that causes teeth knock-out. If you have a mouth guard, your teeth are be easily saved from permanent loss. Your nearby dentist can place the dislodged teeth back in their sockets on time and prevent the loss. A mouthguard shields your teeth from damage and permanent loss. Additionally, the dentist near you can save your natural tooth upon seeking immediate medical attention once your tooth has been dislodged.

2. Saves Your Tooth Against Displacement

Putting on your mouthguard cushions your teeth and distributes the impact force from a traumatic mouth injury. If you encounter facial or mouth injury, your teeth may become partially dislodged or extruded. Wearing a mouthguard ensures all the teeth are protected from shifting to undesired positions.

3. Mouth Guards Can Save Your Tooth from Damage

A mouthguard protects your teeth from broken teeth, chips, or fractures. It exempts you from the following:

  • Having a dental crown-a dental appliance that protects your tooth from further deterioration
  • Undergoing root canal- damage that extends to your tooth roots may require root canal treatment.
  • Dental extraction- severe dental fractures or damage may compel the dentist near you to perform an extraction. However, a mouthguard saves your tooth from removal.

4. Shields Against Soft Tissue Injuries

Mouth trauma may cause bruises, cuts, and bleeding lips, tongues, and gum tissues. Mouthguards seal the teeth’s sharp surfaces that may cut or damage your soft tissues.

5. Safeguards Against Jaw Fractures

Failure to wear a mouthguard cause tooth to squeeze on each other due to the limited space, which may lead to fractures in teeth and on the jaw. A mouthguard protects your teeth by lowering the impact, which may lead to severe jaw injury or concussion. Fractured jaws aren’t easily fixed, so wear your mouthguard to prevent accidental mouth trauma.

Visit a Dentist Near You

At Bay Premier Dentistry, we guide you on the ideal mouthguard based on your personalized needs. Our experts also customize night guards to prevent teeth clenching at night. Please do not hesitate to consult our team for your dental safety today.

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