The 8 Best Things To Know About Porcelain Crowns

The 8 Best Things To Know About Porcelain Crowns

Oct 01, 2022

Dental crowns serve multiple purposes in dentistry to hide various dental issues. Dental crowns are sturdy and customized tooth caps functioning as restorative covers for extensively damaged or decayed teeth that fit over your natural tooth. Present-day dental crowns are excellent, with many features that ensure the restorations remain indistinguishable in your mouth, similar to your natural teeth.

Various materials help make dental crowns, including metals, but if you want a front tooth restored, you won’t find a better solution than getting porcelain crowns matched perfectly to appear like your remaining teeth. Therefore if you visit our cosmetic dentist in Tampa with damage to your front tooth, you will likely receive a recommendation for having a porcelain crown to conceal the damage.

8 Best Features os Porcelain Crowns

Unlike crowns fabricated from other materials, porcelain crowns have eight excellent features that stand out from traditional crowns created after preparing your tooth for restoration and require multiple dentist visits. They are:

1. Durability

Similar to all crowns, the porcelain variety protects your tooth if it has sustained cracks, stains, chips, or a tooth with extensive fillings. Crowns are also an excellent solution for stabilizing dental bridges or covering an implant. Porcelain crowns of unique stabilizing qualities to address all the vulnerabilities described.

2. Aesthetically Superior

Porcelain crowns are aesthetically superior, and the dentist can match the restoration to your surrounding teeth after matching the shade precisely. You can also ask for images from the dentist to view the beautiful work they perform with porcelain crowns.

3. Customized For You

Your porcelain crown is customized after creating a mold of your teeth to ensure the restoration is not too loose or snug after restoring your tooth. In addition, the fitting impacts the comfort of the restoration, ensuring that you feel they don’t have any repairs on the tooth.

4. Protective Quality

As porcelain crowns offer a superior fit, the existing tooth isn’t exposed to food and beverage debris. The fitting of the porcelain crown ensures your natural tooth receives protection from your mouth bacteria and prevents further decay.

5. Anti-Allergic

If you are allergic to metals, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions from porcelain crowns. With this restoration, you can rid the concerns of your mind to return satisfied after getting your tooth fixed.

6. Restorative Capability

If you don’t realize that you are using your other teeth for biting and chewing because you have a sensitive tooth, you will notice the difference immediately after getting the tooth fixed with a dental crown. For example, after you receive porcelain crowns, you can have crisp and crunchy fruits and vegetables without concerns about sensitivity in the tooth.

7. Natural Looking

Porcelain crowns are natural looking because they are matched to the color of your remaining teeth. Whether you need the restoration for a front tooth or to replace missing teeth with dental bridges or implants, no one will notice the difference as they remain indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

8. Convenience

Everyone loves porcelain crowns because of their aesthetic appearance. However, our dentist in 33618 ensures you don’t have to visit them multiple times to have your tooth fixed. The professional has invested in the most updated technology to ensure you receive your porcelain crown on the same day of your appointment in a couple of hours.

The convenience of getting porcelain crowns from a specialist with updated technology is undoubtedly a benefit, unlike getting traditional crowns that require multiple visits to dentist’s offices.

When you favor porcelain crowns for your damaged front tooth, you choose to get the tooth fixed in one appointment with the dentist, where the entire procedure is completed one after the other. Your tooth undergoes the preparation it needs to accommodate the crown, and the dentist creates molds of the tooth to fabricate the dental crown right there in the dental practice. While you wait in the reception or window shop around the area, the dentist manufactures your crown from a block of ceramic to have it ready for you in a couple of hours. The speedy procedure eliminates the need for temporary acrylic crowns over the prepared tooth.

When you return to the dental office, you receive the porcelain crown over the tooth to start showing off your smile without raising your palms.

Porcelain crowns are excellent for your front teeth because they don’t impact your smile. However, they need proper care by brushing twice daily, flossing once, and getting dental exams every six months to ensure they continue protecting their tooth for as long as possible.

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Bay Premier Dentistry cosmetic dentistry specialists help protect damaged and decayed front teeth with porcelain crowns in Tampa in one appointment at their office. If you are affected by a similar situation, you benefit by contacting our practice to fix your tooth and benefit from the excellent features of porcelain crowns. Contact us today!

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