Dental Bonding 101 – Your Guide to Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding 101 – Your Guide to Dental Bonding

Jan 01, 2020

Any minor issues like chipped, cracked, or broken teeth now have a fantastic solution. No, a dental crown is not what is being discussed here. Cosmetic dentistry has blessed patients with dental bonding. It is an easy and complete solution to all such problems. Your insurance might cover the expense as well. Therefore, it is an economical answer. Do you have any of these issues? Find dental bonding treatment in Tampa and get them resolved immediately.

What is Dental Bonding?

A process in cosmetic dentistry that treats all minor issues in your teeth is dental bonding. Any material used for dental bonding is chosen according to the color of your teeth. The dentist will shape the material will complete precision so that it looks natural.

When Should You Choose Dental Bonding

The minor problems that can be treated with dental bonding are:

  1. Decaying teeth
  2. Chipped or cracked teeth
  3. For fillings and dental cleaning
  4. Discolored teeth
  5. For protecting the teeth from exposure
  6. Length extension of the teeth
  7. Aligning the teeth

How is Dental Bonding Done?

You can find several alternatives like root canal treatment and porcelain veneers for the above-mentioned problems. What makes dental bonding different? This process does not include the use of anesthesia. Other treatments require a numb area so anesthesia injection is mandatory. The only exception is treating a decayed tooth. Treating through any procedure is impossible without anesthesia.


In the first step, your dentist will etch the surface to make it rough. This is followed by a liquid application to make the surface smooth. The bonding material and tooth adhere perfectly with this liquid.


The second step includes the application of the resin coat. It is immediately shaped because the resin hardens fast.


As soon as the resin coat hardens, it will be ruled out to attain maximum accuracy and precision in the shape and size. In the end, the dentist might apply polish to make it look better. The process requires 30 to 60 minutes only for one tooth. It will increase if the number of teeth increases.

Aftercare for Dental Bonding

You cannot just leave the newly treated tooth on its own. It needs some care for a day or two. Here are some aftercare tips for this amazing procedure.

The applied resin coat gets stained easily. Avoid tea or coffee often because the color would not go easily. Get this cosmetic dental treatment in Carrollwood checked regularly. Regular dental visits would help.

Do not show leniency in oral hygiene routine. Follow the everyday routine like brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Though the binding lasts for years replacement is the end. Your dentist will let you know when to change it.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Any treatment has some advantages and disadvantages. Some have a higher number of advantages than disadvantages and vice versa. Here are some pros and cons of dental bonding.

  1. Most clinics cover the cost of this treatment on insurance.
  2. It is a pain-free treatment. The etching does not hurt either.
  3. There is no use of anesthesia.
  4. It requires comparatively lesser time than other treatments.
  5. No multiple visits are required. One visit and the treatment is complete.

Disadvantages of Dental Bonding

As said earlier, this treatment has some disadvantages as well. The ratio of pros is higher but you must know the cons as well. Here are those disadvantages.

If the insurance does not cover the cost, you have to pay a high cost. It is an expensive treatment. It takes about $300 to $600 per tooth.  They are not permanent or long-lasting solutions. Replacement is always needed.

Staining is another problem. The material is prone to staining. Therefore, avoiding coffee or tea becomes necessary.

Dental bonding is one of the most effective and economical treatments for minor dental problems. You do not have to bear the pain of anesthesia or the procedure if you choose this technique. It just needs a professional and experienced dentist to make this treatment an amazing experience for you. Our dentists know this and they can help. Visit Bay Premier Dentistry in Carrollwood, Tampa to get this all-time effective treatment for your cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, etc. You would not regret consulting our dentists.

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