Pediatric Dentistry for Complete Oral Care of Children

Pediatric Dentistry for Complete Oral Care of Children

Sep 01, 2021

Maintaining sound oral health is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Even if the adults pay attention to their dental ailments, they tend to avoid the children’s dental issues. Finding a children’s dentist near you is essential for the well-being of your child.

What is the Need for Pediatric Dentistry?

Parents and dentists often fail to assess or understand the children’s dental issues. Pediatric dentists are trained and dedicated to understanding and treating children’s oral problems from infancy to adolescence.

The primary task of pediatric dentists is to incorporate healthy oral habits. The correct techniques of brushing and flossing need to be understood and implemented. The children have two sets of teeth. The temporary teeth give way to the permanent set. Most dental treatments as dental bridges or implants that are a perfect way to treat oral issues for adults do not find application for the children. A pediatric dentist has a clear understanding and knowledge of these topics.

Pediatric Dentist Vs. General Dentist

The general dentists can attend to the children’s oral issues, but it does not make them pediatric dentists. Specific reasons differentiate a pediatric dentist from a general dentist.

The Training

The pediatric dentists undergo an additional 2 years of residency training after experiencing the 4 years of dentistry course. This additional training is to understand the mentality, psychology, and dental issues of infants, teens, and children through their adolescence.

On the contrary, the general dentists do not undergo specialized training or course to understand child psychology and deal with the dental issues of adults. Moreover, dental clinics are a scary place for most children, and the general dentist does not have a child-friendly environment to calm the nerves.

The Equipment

Pediatric dentists use child-friendly tools that are gentle and less scary. The dental appliances and tools meant for the adults are too big to fit their oral cavity, and pediatric dentists use custom-made dental equipment suitable for the tender oral cavity of children.

The dental office of a pediatric dentist is brightly colored and well-lit to ensure that those children feel safe during dental treatment. Dental treatments are painful, and the children might find it difficult to remain seated at a fixed place during the treatment. The cartoon characters painted on the pediatric dentist’s clinic walls can make your child comfortable during dental treatment.


Pediatric dentists undergo an additional 2 years of a particular program and are trained to understand child psychology. All children are not similar, and some might not express or convey the issues faced. It is difficult for a general dentist to diagnose such a dental issue. On the contrary, the pediatric dentist is well versed and trained to communicate with the children.

Fear Management

Visiting the dentist can be fearful for even for adults. Most of the children may not be able to express their issues to the dentist. Since pediatric dentists are trained to treat children’s dental issues, they spend time to familiarize with the children. When the ice is broken, the conversation becomes easy. Managing fear is an essential part of pediatric dentistry.

Using child-friendly language and treatment techniques can help to calm the nerves of the children without overwhelming them. The suction tubes and water rinses are substituted by a vacuum and water shower respectively by pediatric dentists. The familiar equipment can remove the fear from children.

Quality of Care

The target group of pediatric dentists is significantly less, and kids dental care is all they focus on. With their specialized training, it is easy to understand child psychology and treat it accordingly. Moreover, handling the same type of patients also helps to develop knowledge and experience in better treatment.

Choosing Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

If you are looking for pediatric dentistry in Tampa, FL, Bay Premier Dentistry can be the dental clinic for your child. With family-friendly staff and the incorporation of advanced technology, you can expect comprehensive dental care for your child.

We are providing $69 for the comprehensive dental examination and x-ray for every new patient. You may book an appointment and avail of our services. We also offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Bay Premier Dentistry can be your one-stop-shop for all dental treatments.

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