Prompt Oral Healthcare Can Prevent Visits to Emergency Dentistry

Prompt Oral Healthcare Can Prevent Visits to Emergency Dentistry

Feb 01, 2020

Many people visit emergency rooms in hospitals with minor problems like tooth decay that could easily have been identified and treated by the dentist during regular dental visits. If people develop a toothache after office hours they would still benefit by calling their family dentistry clinic that would be more than happy to consider looking at the patient’s dental emergency. The visit to the family dentistry clinic would have avoided unnecessary treatment at the ER where professionals in the medical category are not authorized to treat dental problems of any kind. Of course, they would provide painkillers and first-aid to anyone arriving at the ER facility and advise the patient to seek an appointment with an emergency dentist clinic at the earliest. The patient would, however, be presented with a bill for any services provided.

Why Are People Preferring Emergency Rooms to Dental Visits?

People have developed a dental phobia which extends even to regular dental cleanings and exams. They prefer visiting the emergency rooms in hospitals without realizing that the professionals in this department are legally not allowed to practice in the field of dentistry and thereby end up spending a significant sum of money by running around in search of a treatment that could have been prevented with regular visits to their family dentist. Presently it is believed that nearly 25 percent of Americans suffer from tooth decay but for some reason or the other are avoiding visits to their dentist of the treatment they need. They rush to an emergency room when a painful cavity pushes them to the brink to make them believe even getting medical attention will be helpful.

The High Cost of Dental Care Coupled with the Lack of Insurance Is Another Reason

Not having insurance and the significantly higher costs of healthcare is proving to be a significant barrier to good oral health and putting a strain on the healthcare system. In the United States, over 200 million children and adults do not have dental insurance and just about 33 percent of the dentists practicing in the country accept Medicaid. This again couples with the fear of the dentist to make people visit emergency rooms that are wasteful for the treatment they need.

How Can the Family Dentistry Clinic Help People Avoid Dental Emergencies Altogether?

Dental clinics of all types have trained professionals that are qualified to identify a condition that may erupt into a dental emergency. Even a dentist providing services of cosmetic dentistry to make people smile better ensures minor problems are detected early before the treatment requested by the patient is provided. They are intent about the need to treat any issues in the mouth that may or may not have already become a full-blown emergency. Therefore it is suggested that people overcome their fear of the dentist and prefer visiting the clinic of their choice for regular exams and checkups that will help the dentist identify issues and make it possible for the patient to avoid dental emergencies altogether. People must, however, understand the dentists are not magicians and cannot prevent an accident from happening.

Most dentists are happy to provide tips and suggestions on how to avoid emergencies like tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and injuries to the teeth and the soft tissue in the mouth. They also offer tips on how people can prevent accidents in their homes or at work by having protection over their teeth if they are prone to accidents. The responsibility of following the suggestions or tips provided by the dentist remains with people who should be making every effort possible to handle a dental emergency in the first place. If a dental emergency indeed strikes them they must have contact numbers of their dentist who will be able to guide them properly or may even schedule an appointment after business hours.

People must attempt to understand a dental emergency is not similar to any other medical emergency and needs to be treated by a specialist qualified in this field. If dental visits are fearful and expensive the cost of visiting an emergency room can be more expensive while being unfruitful at the same time. People that want to stay away from any confusion must understand they can easily prevent dental emergencies by visiting their family dentist for regular exams and checkups and allow the professional at the clinic to identify any issues that may blow up into an emergency. If prevention is better than cure preventive dentistry is better than emergency dentistry. People must realize this factor before heading to the telephone to contact an emergency dental clinic in the middle of the night or on a weekend.

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