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Having a dental practice that’s designed for families means that a dentist must have a wide variety of skills. Family dentistry involves care for patients that are as young as toddlers and as old as senior citizens. These dentists have a variety of skill sets, but one of their best assets is making patients of all ages feel comfortable and able to relax while sitting in a chair. Gifted family dental practices like the one at Bay Premier Dentistry gives patients the tender loving care they need so that their teeth are in a constant state of good health.

What is Family Dentistry?

Unlike specialized practices that focus on prosthetics, oral surgery, orthodontia, or periodontics, family dentistry is focused on providing generalized dental care to patients of all ages. There are plenty of different procedures that can be done within the office, but for more complex and specialized procedures, patients are referred to experts. Family dentists are experts in hygiene. They make sure that their patients are routinely getting the care needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. If there are basic issues like cavities or root canals, these can be performed within the office. Lots of times the work of family dentistry involved diagnostics.

What are Some Examples of Treatment in Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is all about general practice. A great example of this is dental exams and cleanings in Tampa, FL. There will be x-rays taken, and the hygienist will make sure that the patient’s teeth are healthy, and if not, the basic procedures will be done. Some of these procedures include fillings. Family dentists near you perform fillings quite often. Root canals and crowns are another part of this practice. These are procedures that allow our dentist in Carrollwood, FL to get the patient in and out with minimal fuss and give their teeth the support needed. For kids, family dentists make sure the baby teeth are healthy and that the adult teeth can erupt into the right position in the mouth. Also, family dentists do a great job helping kids learn the basics of dental health.


Dental health should always be a priority in the family. Give our office a call to set up an appointment so everyone’s teeth are healthy and smiles are wide.

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