Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Carrollwood, Tampa, FL 33618

Years ago, if an infection reached the inner pulp of a tooth, the only treatment was extraction. Fortunately, today, root canal treatment in Tampa, FL, can save your teeth.

Causes of Inner Pulp Infection

The inside of a tooth (pulp) houses the nerve and blood vessels that provide nutrients to the whole structure. The nerve runs through the tooth like a thread. So, if the nerve gets injured or diseased, the soft tissue surrounding it dies. In some cases, nerve deterioration happens so slowly that there are no noticeable symptoms. Other times, the pain can be excruciating. If the diseased tissue is not removed, the infection may spread and the tooth will need to be extracted. Common causes of a nerve infection:

  • Dental Trauma: Such as a hard blow to the mouth
  • Irritation: Caused by a large dental filling or deep decay
  • Severe gum disease

Root Canal Treatment Process

At Bay Premier Dentistry root canal treatment is performed by our Tampa endodontist or dentist near you.

The dental care provider will remove the diseased pulp and pack the empty space with filling material. Then the weakened tooth structure is reinforced with a dental crown. This is an important step to be done shortly after the procedure has been completed.

Root canal treatment in Carrollwood, Tampa, FL can usually be done in one or two visits. Our dedicated dentist in Carrollwood, FL will make sure are at ease throughout the procedure. Prompt treatment can often save a diseased tooth that would otherwise need to be removed.

Root Canal Aftercare

The best way to avoid infection and tooth loss is to keep up with good oral hygiene practices every day. It is also important to treat budding issues as they arise. Regular dental health checkups and immediate cavity treatment can help prevent further damage. Sometimes, cavities can worsen fast and spread to the pulp. Signs of a pulp infection include sensitivity to heat and cold or pressure or a dull ache when chewing.

Visit a Root Canal Dentist Near You

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Contact Bay Premier Dentistry today to learn more about root canal treatment in Tampa, FL. Call us now to book an appointment with our Tampa dentist near you.

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