What are  the  Benefits  of Getting  Tooth Fillings?

Stops Growth of Cavity

While filling the cavity on your teeth, our dentist will clean out the decayed area of your tooth. Then, they will pour the filling material, which will completely seal the hole created by the cavity.

Reinforces Fractured Teeth

Oral trauma can result from physical activities such as sports which can fracture your teeth. Fractures can also come from chewing hard food or accidents. In addition, as you age, your teeth become weaker and more susceptible to fractures and chips.

Tooth Fillings Improve Your Smile

If you have badly stained teeth, composite resin filling can give your teeth a white as wool color. However, the composite filling looks like the natural color of teeth so that no one will notice.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Cavities are relatively small holes in a tooth. If unchecked, the cavities will trap food particles and debris and gets deep over time. This accumulation will lead to tooth decay as the hole gets deeper and deeper. Getting dental fillings will seal off this whole, preventing it from deepening further.

Improves Your Tooth Structure

Instead of leaving your tooth hollow where there is a cavity, the filling will give your tooth the much-needed support. By so doing, the structure of your tooth is improved. Keep in mind that there is no damage done to your tooth while applying a filling.

Tooth Fillings Release Fluoride

Modern-day fillings such as glass isomer variety can release fluoride. This fluoride will safeguard your tooth from further decay beneath the gum line.

Improves Tooth Functionality

Tooth decay will make chewing quite painful and challenging. Having your decayed tooth filled will reduce the pain while chewing.

Dental Fillings Are Long Lasting

Gold or porcelain fillings have proven effective for long periods, even more than 15 years, due to their corrosion resistance. However, getting this kind of fillings will mean that you pay a little bit more.

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